UK Attachment Network


Dr Kathy Carnelley

Associate Professor in Psychology, University of Southampton.

I conduct research on adult attachment and am interested in affect regulation (e.g., pain reactions, physiological responses, depression), attachment networks, exploring working models of self and others, and finding methods to increase attachment security (e.g., repeated security priming) and well-being.


Dr Erica Hepper

Lecturer in Psychology, University of Surrey

My research examines individual differences in self-relevant emotions and motivation in social context. For example, I am interested in the consequences of self-enhancement motivation and narcissistic personality for interpersonal relationships, the experience and functions of nostalgia within close relationships, and the interplay between attachment orientation and the regulation of self and emotions. 


PDFs of publications:

Dr Fay Julal Cnossen

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Birmingham

My research focuses on attachment and caregiving experiences with parents, partners, and peers in adulthood. I am particularly interested in attachment networks and individual differences in support-seeking.


Dr Michelle Luke

Reader in Organisational Behaviour, University of Sussex

My research focuses on the areas of self/identity, attitudes and values and positive psychology. In particular, I examine such issues as self-definition, close relationships, workplace relationships, work performance feedback, inter-group relations, attitudes and values and positive emotions. 


Dr Abigail Millings

Lecturer, University of Sheffield

I study processes of attachment in human relationships, and how these affect a wide range of behaviours, including but not limited to: caring for others; help-seeking and engaging in therapy; and relating to social robots. I am also interested in how attachment and caregiving research can inform the implementation of assistive technologies, including computerised cognitive behavioral therapy.


Dr Angela Rowe

Reader, School of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol


My research focuses on the influence of relational schemata of different attachment qualities on perceptions of attachment phenomena, at both information processing and behavioural levels.

Dr Judi Walsh

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of East Anglia

My research focuses on perinatal psychology: particularly relationships in the context of planning, having, and parenting children.

Dr Laura Wilkinson

Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Swansea University

My focuses on the relationship between attachment orientation and eating behaviour.